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Full text of all the twelve volumes without diacritics

I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI, XII (in HTML with diacritics).

The Book of Lost Tales I-II

The Book of Lost Tales was the first major work of imagination by J.R.R.Tolkien, begun in 1916-1917 when he was 25 years old, and left incomplete several years later. It stands at the beginning of the entire conception of Middle-Earth and Valinor, for the Lost Tales were the first form of the myths and legends that came to be called The Silmarillion.
First volume  
I The Cottage of Lost Play
II The Music of the Ainur
III The coming of Valar and the building of Valinor
IV The Chaining of Melko
V The coming of the Elves and the making of Kor
VI The theft of Melko and the darkening of Valinor
VII The Flight of the Noldoli
VIII The tale of Sun and Moon
IX The Hiding of Valinor
X Gilfanon's tale: the travail of the Noldoli and the coming of Mankind
Second volume  
I The tale of Tinuviel
II Turambar and the Foaloke
III The Fall of Gondolin
IV Nauglafring
V The Tale of Earendel
VI The History of Eriol or AElfwine and the end of the tales

The Lays of Beleriand

This book contains the two major poems by J.R.R.Tolkien concerned with the legends of the Elder Days.
I The lay of the children of Hurin (large fragment)
II Poems early abandoned
III The lay of Leithian (some fragments)
IV The lay of the Leithian recommenced

The Shaping of Middle-Earth

In this book the shaping of the chronological and geographical structure of the legends of Middle-earth and Valinor is spread before us.
I Prose fragments following the Lost Tales
II The earliest 'Silmarillion'
III The Quenta
Appendix 1: Aelfwine's translation of the Quenta into Old English; Old English equivalents of Elvish names
Appendix 2: The Horns of Ylmir
IV The first 'Silmarillion' map
V The Ambarkanta
VI The earliest Annals of Valinor
VII The earliest Annals of Beleriand

The Lost Road and other writings

In this book Christopher Tolkien brings Middle-earth to its state at the writing of The Lord of the Rings
Part One: The Fall of Numenor and The Lost Road
Part Two: Valinor and Middle-earth before The Lord of the Rings
Part Three: The Etymologies

The Return of the Shadow

The Treason of Isengard

The War of the Ring

Sauron defeated

Part One: The End of the Third Age
I The Story of Frodo and Sam in Mordor
II The Tower of Kirith Ungol
III The Land of Shadow
IV Mount Doom
V The Field of Kormallen
VI The Steward and the King
VII Many Partings
VIII Homeward Bound
IX The Scouring of the Shire
X The Grey Havens
XI The Epilogue
Appendix: Drawings of Orthanc and Dunharrow
Part Two: The Notion Club Papers
Part Three: The Drowning of Anadune

Morgoth's Ring

In Morgoth's Ring, the first of two companion volumes, Christopher Tolkien describes and documents the later history of The Silmarillion.
Part One: Ainulindale
Part Two: The Annals of Aman
Part Three: The later Quenta Silmarillion
Part Four: Athrabeth Finrod ah Andreth
Part Five: Myths transformed

The War of the Jewels

Part One: The Grey Annals
Part Two: The later Quenta Silmarillion
Part Three: The wanderings of Húrin and other writings not forming part of the Quenta Silmarillion
Part Four: Quendi and Eldar

The peoples of Middle-Earth

Part One: The Prologue and Appendices to the Lord of the Rings (fragments)
Part Two: Late writings
X Of Dwarves and Men
XI The Shibboleth of Fëanor
XII The Problem of Ros
XIII Last Writings
Part Three: Teachings of Pengolodh
XIV Dangweth Pengoloð
XV Of Lembas
Part Four: Unfinished Tales
XVI The New Shadow
XVII Tal-Elmar

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